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How many minutes in a year

how many minutes are there in a year (365 days)?

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Protutor2021 . answered · 2 years ago

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There are 525,600 minutes in a year (365 days)

How do we know that?

Lets begin from what we know towards what we want to know.

We know a normal calendar year has 365 days. We know there 24 hours in day. We also know there are 60 minutes in a day.


1 hour = 60 minutes

24 hours = (60×24)= 1440 minutes

365 days x 24 hours = (365×24×60) = 525,600 minutes

If it we are looking at a leap year, we simply replace 365 days with 366 days in which case we get

366 days x 24 hours = (366×24×60) = 527,040 minutes

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